About Academy

Think Bike Rental. Only Different.

Using our lightweight durable components fitted to well made, high-quality frames, we've created bikes that kids will enjoy riding. In fact they might have better components than their parents!

How It Works

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The perfect childrens' bike.
Get the perfect bike to suit your child's height.
Upgrade as they grow.
Upgrade to larger sizes as they grow.


Bikes are offered on a monthly rental basis starting with basic push along's at £5 per month, right through to small 26" wheeled bikes for £29 per month.

As your child grows we'll have the next size available for them once they're ready for it.

Events & Extras

Alongside our range of bikes, we're also organising courses around the UK and online tutorials to help improve children's riding and maintenance skills.

This will give them a sense of ownership so they can take care of their own bikes and grow to love cycling as much as we do.

Academy Extra's

When collecting your child's bike ask our Academy Staff about extra's including Academy riding t-shirts and the Academy Riding Backpack.

Our aim is to encourage children to love and look after their bikes. The Academy Backpack is equipped with the following:

- tyre levers, bike cleaner, mini multi-tool, mini pump, cleaning brush and chain lube.

Academy Support
Service & Support
Expert bike mechanics on hand to advise on correct sizing and maintenance.
Hope Quality
Lightweight frames fitted with Hope components to complete your child’s dream bike.
Academt Training
Videos and courses to advance a child's riding ability as well as basic maintenance skills.