How does the Academy scheme work?

We provide a bike, you pay a monthly rental

What happens if the bike is stolen?

We recommend bikes are insured against theft, either on your own household policy or through a specialist bike insurance company.

What is the minimum rental term?

One month.

Are Academy bikes available for rent outside of the UK?

Currently we are only offering the scheme within the UK.

The Bikes

Can I buy the bike once my child has grown out of it?

Since the scheme works on the principal of worn components being continually replaced we don't initially envisage having any bikes for sale. Although this may change as the scheme evolves.

What if I have a problem with one of the components or the complete bike?

If you encounter any maintenance issues or faults, simply call us and we will either advise how the issue can be fixed yourself, or if more serious we will arrange a new bike to be sent out and collect the faulty one.

Will all the bikes be new?

Obviously we will be starting with a new fleet of bikes, but as the system evolves we will begin to reuse bikes. Therefore the bikes may show some slight signs of wear and tear, however, they will all be fully serviced and any worn parts replaced before sending out to their new owner.

Is there a colour choice?

It wouldn't be Hope if we didn't offer colour options! The basic frame colours are fixed, but we can offer coloured components. Check the individual bike page for which colours are offered.

Can I swap colours?

We would like customers to stick with their initial colour choice and keep changes to bike swap time only.

How do I swap my bike for the next size?

Check the size guide on our website to workout when your child requires their next bike. Simply call or email us at least 1 month in advance. We will arrange to ship out the fresh bike and you just pop the old bike into the same box and we'll arrange collection. Or call into the factory and swap it. Simple.

What happens if the tyres or any other components wear out?

We will replace any parts that wear out in normal use eg. tyres or chains, however failures due to abuse will be judged on a case by case basis.

Do you offer adult bike rental?

Sorry, no we don't. The scheme is designed to encourage children to cycle by allowing them to use quality bikes.

Where can I see or test the bikes before ordering?

All bikes will be available to view at our Barnoldswick factory as well as selected demos and events throughout the UK. Details of these events will be available soon.

Can I rent spare parts or wheels for my Academy bike?

No, components may be purchased through our extensive dealer network.

Payments & Pricing

How is payment made?

The rental fee is made by a monthly direct debit on the 1st of each month.

Are there additional costs to the scheme?

There are optional extra's such as helmets, t-shirts and backpacks for children. However, there are no additional costs to the scheme apart from monthly rental and insurance.

I have two (or more) children who require bikes. Do you offer quantity discount?


Who will cover the costs of shipments too and from Hope?

We charge a standard delivery charge of £10 to ship each bike via UPS. Unfortunately we do not arrange collection and recommend using a courier comparison website to find the best priced local option.